Beast Slayer: Last Hope

University Group Work

  • The game takes inspiration from the landscapes of Fallout and other post-apocalyptic environments. The vegetation takes over the ruins and mosnters are wandering arround. You are the last beast slayer and it's your taks to kill all the mosnters 1 by 1 and rebuild humanity. This is a fast paced action combat game in which you are facing 1 v 1 against a powerful monster in the style of Monster Hunter or a Souls like boss fight.
  • In this project I did all of our programming so far in C# (player controller, animation controller, damage system, AI functionality using Utility AI, inventory & crafting systems) and level design (terrain and asset placement).
  • I designed damage calculation algorithms to implement direct damage and damage over time, conditions and visual feedback for player and enemy interactions. I ensured the system is extensible, allowing for a variety of damage sources and types.
  • For the AI, I went with Utility AI, this way I can keep the idea behind each action having a cost and the AI taking the liberty of choosing what to do within certain parameters, while having it chose one action at the time.
  • This is currently the biggest project I worked on, having 4 other studends in my team dealing with the 3d modelling and UI sprites. I spent working for over 200 hours in engine and programming all functionality of this, and 10 hours in the MOCAP studio directing 2 other students from the acting course that helped with the animations.

Images & Videos


Here are some of the skills i developed during this project:

  • C# Programming
  • Unity Engine
  • AI advanced Behavior
  • Combat Design
  • Animator scripting
  • Level Design
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Problem-Solving

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