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Gamer. Sports Enthusiast. Meme Connoisseur. Music Addict. Nature Nomad
Creatve. Problem Solver. Versatile. Collaborative. Proactive. Reliable. Resilient

  • Passionate and creative game designer and programmer dedicated to crafting immersive player experiences. With a background in Sales, Customer Service, HR and a formal education in Games Design and Production, I excel in problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, adaptability and leadership.
  • As a grounded, high-achieving graduate with a blend of UX, story telling and programming competence, I bring a unique skill set to game design. Proficient in rapid prototyping, I contribute to the creation of engaging game mechanics, with a particular emphasis on crafting dynamic and immersive combat experiences. Attracted by MMOs and multiplayer combat mechanics inspired by games like World of Warcraft and Dark Souls, I am committed to delivering innovative and challenging gameplay.
  • Recognizing the collaborative nature of game development, I excel in cross-functional teams, effectively communicating and collaborating with artists, programmers, and other stakeholders to bring ideas to life. My adaptability and versatility allow me to contribute to various aspects of the design process, whether it's level design, game mechanics, prototyping, or user experience.
  • Experienced in delivering projects end-to-end and working in agile methodologies, I am aware of the dynamics of collaborative teamwork. My fascination with creativity and technology, games, film and music, adds a diverse perspective to my work.
  • Eager to bring my passion, energy, and collaborative spirit to contribute to the future of gaming as a generalist or a combat designer. I look forward to discussing how my skills can align with your team's goals in an interview.


Did you skipped the boring long text above that may or may not be Chat GPT? Here are some bulletpoints:

  • C# Programming
  • Unity Engine
  • C++ & Blueprints (in progress)
  • Unreal Engine
  • Writing Documentation Proficiency
  • Knowledge of Game Design Principles
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Understanding of game AI and behavior
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Fun Architect
  • Jira
  • Zendesk


With the newest at the top, here is preview of projects i worked on so far:

(PS: Click on the image for more)

Beast Slayer: Last Hope

University Group Work

An action combat game, inspired from Monster Hunter, where you kill monsters in order to regain territory and save humanity, craft better gear and evolve as a fighter.


Improving Video Games Replayability using Reactive AI

Prototype & Written piece

Search & Rescue: K9

University Group Work

An old school, story driven 3rd person game where you play as a trained Dog on a WW2 battlefield. Search for wounded soldiers, guide them back, deliver classified information to your troups and simply be a good boy while dodging flying bullets and explosives.

Gamified A* Pathfinding

University Solo Work

A turn based interactive showcase of A* Pathfinding. Play God and help the bunnies to reach their holes and survive or help the wolves catch them by modifying the terrain.

Samurai Kombat

University Group Work

A 2d "mortal kombat" style game with a more tactical approach, focused around sword fighting.

Deadly Space

University Solo Work

A 2d "invaders" style game made in Processing and Java.

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